Ann Tashi Slater

Gypsy Cante

Nestled in her silk scarves, my mother always kept a bar of Myrurgia’s Maja soap, wrapped in the dis­tinc­tive red-and-black paper with a fla­menco dancer on the label. Because my father—an American my mother met in med­ical school—had been sta­tioned at the Rota naval base, near Cadiz and the Strait of Gibraltar, I was born in Spain and we stayed there for two years. I remem­bered noth­ing of those days but I’d heard sto­ries: My par­ents drank fino sherry in bars and ate tapas made from tiny spar­rows and wild boar...

Selected Works

Creative Nonfiction
My experience of a near-fatal illness as a Tibetan bardo. (AGNI)
A memoir piece about Darjeeling tea and my Tibetan family. (Tin House)
My Tibetan grandmother's life in Raj-era India. (Kyoto Journal)
An excerpt from the Dharamsala section of my travel memoir-in-progress. (Kyoto Journal)
Love and yearning in Andalusia and America. (New World Writing)
A collection of my Tibet-related fiction and non-fiction produced for my Rubin Museum presentation.
A story about pilgrimage, Tibet, and the quest for home. (Asia Literary Review)
A flash about how things don't always look the way we expect them to. (Big Bridge)
A story related to Darjeeling and The Tibetan Book of the Dead. (Gulf Coast)
Ranging from Havana to Tokyo to Paris, a story about the things we tell ourselves in order to survive. (Shenandoah)
YA Fiction
A story about growing up Tibetan American. (American Dragons, HarperCollins)
    "[This] enlightening anthology of 25 stories, poems and essays by Asian Americans delves deeply . . .”
--Publisher's Weekly

A novella by Reinaldo Arenas. (Old Rosa, Grove)                                 "One of Cuba's best-known writers . . . Arenas . . . writes in the poetic and fantastic style of magical realism that Garcia Marquez has made familiar. "
-- Library Journal

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